Hi, it’s Brian—

And if you’re like me at all…

You’re tired of being played…You’ve had enough, well, with being had…

By the politicians, the priests, the pundits, bullies of every ilk, busy running around the world stage creating circumstances that at every turn, only serve as headwinds for our personal vision and version of Life.

Far from organic, their “good for you” poison is extremely toxic to almost everything it touches.

Thing is, perhaps you’ve developed a bit of “Stockholm Syndrome,” willing permitting the “powers at be” to run roughshod over you, manipulate your life, controlling damn near every move you make.

At first, it’s a bit annoying, then it grows to be downright irritating, even suffocating. NEVER more so than when they attempt skewing your reality in order to secretly dovetail with their needs. They’re banking on you to forget just who you truly are! Your amnesia deposits untold fortunes into their accounts.

It’s your life, your reality, your potential. Where do they get off hijacking your head and enslaving your future?

I can’t go in to greater detail here, but if your fed-up having your personal capabilities and ultimate potential smeared, with being played like a dimwitted puppet, being knocked down and held back by the high horses and sacred cows of the masses, of the crowd’s “catalogues of crazy,” please trust me when I say…

“I’m with you!”

So, what specifically can you and I do about it?

Here’s my train of thought, along with a tactic or two.

From time to time, you may find yourself in the need of a co-pilot, someone to ride shotgun, a tag-team partner to help level the uphill.  We all need an ally when navigating the “nay-Sayers” in Life.

With the absolutely free Ready To Remember Blog & Blurb  you’ll receive (M-F) a quick riff, written & audio, to remind you (and the world) just exactly who Life is up against, who it’s dealing with when it squares its shoulders with your unblemished reality.

Always “committed to clean thinking” outside of the spin and static they try and spoon feed us, the R2R B&B will ready, rally and ratchet your authentic identity to successfully face the day ahead.

We focus on your personal best in the MortalUP™ segments and the public attack on your wherewithal and potential in LOWLIFES MAKING HEADLINES.

Two categories, One COUNTERPUNCH.

You don’t deserve a distorted, compromised cognition. It’s time for you to restore your self-respect to its rightful place of privileged and distinction.

If you’re hear, no one has the right to ever stand in your way to the pinnacle.

Are you tired of turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to your ultimate potential, of giving yourself the cold shoulder, while your critics pile on, continually count you down and out?

I know I was, that’s why I am so looking forward to hanging with you.

If groupthink is gutting your self-respect, we should catch up.

What say you and I go crush them? I’m in!

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