Fear Makes You Fragile

In facing any of Life’s situations…
Delicate is a decision, brittle is a choice.
And in that fear makes you fragile both philosophically and physiologically..
Buying in is not a function of anything other than your personal decision.

Decrepit or durable?
Frail or firm?
Halting or healthy?

The great news?
It’s ALWAYS your call!

YOU were born a Rock Star

Welcome to the labyrinth of Life, where your back is at home when it’s up against the wall, where your cognition thrives when cornered, and you suddenly realize that rock bottom is the perfect time and place to ricochet and rebound.

You were born for the backlash!

That it’s an uphill battle, well, that’s the meaning of being alive. You’re either climbing or sliding. That’s the gig!

And if you thought you were dropped here as anything other than an underdog, you’ve been delusional since your very first day. Welcome to the Garden of the Mortals.

Why let the light in your eyes go dark before its time?
This instant right here is your invitation to rise and shine.

Only dimwits fear the inevitable. Death comes for us all and as uncertain as its timing is, you have an expiration date, a shelf life where damn near everything outlives us.

That said, you had NO SAY in writing the story of your birth, but how the saga ends, you are its only author.

Born to fly, why do we fold our wings, why have we packed it in prematurely. I know misery loves company, I get it, I do…but how much longer will you and I dovetail, will you and I buy into the ramblings of the static quo, especially if it’s ultimately choking us out?

You were born a Rockstar, and it’s time to roll out your red carpet.

What the movie Top Gun teaches about Coronavirus

Ever see a Major League Baseball manager leaving the dugout heading to the mound to change pitchers. On his the way he taps his left or right arm to signal the bullpen to bring in the relief hurler.

Or maybe you’ve seen some professional wrestling team when the wounded fighter, tags his partner (whose usually hanging on the ropes) to have him or her jump in and enter the fight?

Remember the movie Top Gun when the Ice Man played by Val Kilmer is screaming at Maverick or Tom Cruise to “ENGAGE!”

Ballplayer, Wrestler, pretend fighter pilot? It’s a call to arms!

Well, the same thing is going on with our personal response to Wuhan Virsus, Coronavirus, or COVID-19.

We’re signaling our immune system to get in the fight, to join the battle. Makes sense, right?

But there is a dirty little secret about how our immune system operates! Panic makes you susceptible to the pandemic, any pandemic. Anxiety leaves you vulnerable, open for attack; despair lowers your defenses, making it an uphill battle for your immune system. FEAR is the perfect solvent for your security!

Let me ask you when facing uncertain times do you calmly reassure your children, focus on their strengths, don’t let your anxiety fuel their fear!

It sounds like an excellent plan for your immune system as well!

When facing dire situations, why buy into the hysteria, the head-games and give your immune system a double-whammy?

For the Children

Confession Time.

I’m older than I act. Shocker! My immune system is shot!

That said, the fear of death has zero hold over me. Having seen mine, I’m good with it. So, How am I spending my Stay At Home order? I’ve decided to use the free time in whatever days I’ve left fighting Timid Souls & Outrage Addicts at every turn. Why? Because our kids/grandkids/nieces/nephews/ will be those tasked with mopping up the awful mess that’s being made. They’ll be the ones doing the heavy lifting down the road because of the current hysteria, and it’s so much more than the usual “Kicking the can down the road.”

Our children are worth so much more than a destroyed economy and a wrecked way of life. If you, like me, are the target audience of the Wuhan Virus, quarantine yourself. Be safe! Stay home so the rest of us can go to work getting our children’s tomorrows back on track!

Why leave them a legacy of fear and failure simply because you are petrified of death? Your children deserve so much better than a failed future! Not politically correct enough for you? TOUGH!

Play the hand that’s dealt you and don’t fold the cards on our children’s future!

Lost Signal

You’ve no doubt heard me talk about amnesia. As a victim of multiple attacks of Trans Global Amnesia, I know firsthand what it’s like to lose my memory! To mentally have lost the signal from some part of my brain!

The good news? As a survival mechanism, autopilot kicked in, and I was thankfully able to perform the most rudimentary motor tasks. I showered, dressed, even carried on some basic conversations.
Thriving? NO WAY!

The same problem holds true for many of us today. We’ve forgotten who were, prior to forgetting who we are. We’ve lost the signal from the rhythm of our hearts and the marrow of our minds.

So as we face the challenges of dealing with the Wuhan Virus, COVID-19, Corona Virus…whatever you decide to call it, our future depends on recalling who we truly are and of the vast potential we naturally possess.

Until next time, remember it’s always a perfect time to Bring Your Own Bold and MortalUP!

Why shrink when you are built to spring?

In troubled times…
Don’t cower, command!
Don’t shrink, Spring!

Why listen to all the self-labeled “experts?”
You can feel this truth (and their dishonesty) in your bones, in the very marrow of your mind!

Until next time remember that EVERYTHING you’ve ever needed, you’ve always had, and That NOW is the perfect time to Bering Your Own Bold and MortalUP™!

How to know Fear!

If COVID-19 is teaching anything to those ready to learn, it is this.

When it comes to all things good, fear is the ultimate solvent! It cripples vision, crushes your heart, and strips your spine of its natural girth!

Now, that’s not to say we should stick our heads in the sand, avoid our environment and cower in the corner! So what do we do?

We draw the line between awareness and our reaction to that incoming perception. We get knowledge. How we respond is up to us!

At its most basic level, FEAR is an over-communication problem, an overreaction in the form of an outgoing response to the situation at hand. It’s deciding to let your fight or flight chemicals run you as opposed to you running them!

Sure, be aware of your immediate surroundings, and when the initial contact point of concern begins to stir, acknowledge the dread and then turn it on its head by remembering who you are and of all those skills at your command.

Remember that FEAR deals in slings and arrows. You do not! Settle on that mindset, and The Incoming doesn’t stand a chance!

Until next time, remember, EVERYTHING you’ve ever needed, you’ve always had. So Join me. Join Us. Please Subscribe and always remember to Bring Your Own Bold and MortalUP™

It’s courage time!

With all the craziness swirling the world because of The Wuhan or Corona Virus, what can you and I do?

Bottom line, It’s Time To Bring Your Own Bold!

Sure we could cower, let COVID-19, bring us to our knees, or we can channel our personally unique brand of courage and confront this crisis head-on!

Don’t let the hysteria Waterdown your wherewithal! To those people and forces counting on you to collapse, this is the time to show them who you authentically are.

While all the stressed run around wailing, show them your best!

Until next time, remember, EVERYTHING you’ve ever needed, you’ve always had. So Join me. Join Us. Please Subscribe and always remember to Bring Your Own Bold and MortalUP™

Toxic Sensitivity to Germs or Terms

With all the hype and hysteria surrounding the “Wuhan Virus” or “Covid-19,” one thing is for sure.

We genuinely have an epidemic on our hands. A plague of massive proportions, and left to grow unchecked, this contagion will be the downfall of humanity.

The Politically Correct name of the microorganism spreading like wildfire across the globe? Toxic Sensitivity or “thin-skinitis.” Human skin is growing thinner by day, a mere shell of what it was, and before too long, it will be too late!

You and I both know that Toxic Sensitivity (to germs or terms) stems from our lack, as a planet and an individual, of personal responsibility. Instead of confronting it, full-frontal, we cry out for hand or head sanitizers! Instead of washing our own hands and ears, we shout, “something has to be done!” Meanwhile, the virus gets in, and our attempts to keep it at bay goes out the window.

In hopes of protecting ourselves, we sanitize everything within reach, actually or auditorily. Today, both our physical and psychological immune systems are fighting an uphill and quite possibly a losing battle because of our personal decision to keep them safe, to keep them on the sidelines, and out of the daily fight!

Our immune system is the most cunningly brilliant mechanism known. We have tied its hands behind its back with our fear of pathogens, with fear of terms and germs. Political correctness and over sterilization will be the end of us all, simply because letting pathogens in is the best way to ultimately keeping them out!

Forgetting that we are in this position because we outsourced our responsibility and overused and abused antibiotics and antibacterials, both Biological and Philosophical, and now we are the target of any predator wandering past.

It’s true! A Superbug is coming, The Wuhan Virus is not it, and all we can do is learn from the current predicament, prepare, and hopefully change our ways.

Until then, don’t be a carrier, don’t water down Human wherewithal by buying into the hysteria!

Mark my words, just before the last light dims from our eyes, we’ll realize with our dying breath that had we eaten and listened to a little dirt, we wouldn’t be steps away from being lowered into it!


Why have I decided to stand up and aggressively combat the disgusting rise of Harelip-ists across the social media landscape?

Well, everyone else fraudulently hurls labels like “Racist,” “Sexist,” “Misogynist,” only to water down the real and horrible meanings of these terms and the actions of the sick and demented.

I’m hoping one day that the “triggered,” and their lists of “ists” will fade away from our public discourse! NO more Philosophical Prosthetics for the feeble-minded.

Oh, what a day that will be!