Where do you fit in on the Say-So scale?

Where do you fit on the “Say-So” scale?

In looking at the definitions for words like Freedom, sovereignty, independence… they all boil down to one concept: personal “Say-So.” You can take a pass on all the debate swirling around the idea of Liberty, and directly and honestly ask yourself three simple questions.

  1. “How much ‘Say-So’ do I have in my personal, spiritual, and business or brand life?”
  2. “To what degree, and in what circumstances do I permit an infiltration to my “say-so?”
  3. “What ways can I choose to fortify any cracks in my physical, psychological and entrepreneurial elbow room?”

Now, to protect against the imminent threats to the Super-Human “Say-So” we were all born with, endowed if you like, one need only to decide upon, nurture, and then deploy a personal / business Canon.

What is a Canon? I like to think of it as the “Escape Velocity” needed to separate from Human Lunacy, separate from all the fluff, all the noise, all the competition for your sanity, so that you can finally reach a stellar cruising altitude in your personal and professional life.

Over the next few days, we will look into the three questions, and focus on how to hone your head, your heart, and your Canon.

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Thick Skin is the perfect asset.

Thick Skin is the perfect asset.

I recently finished Colin O’Brady’s excellent book The Impossible First, about his epic 932-mile solo, unassisted crossing of Antarctica.  His record-breaking, human-powered feat accomplished in some of the harshest conditions on our planet, wind-whipped whiteouts, sustained heavy snows, impromptu fissures, and 50 below zero temperatures, all while skiing and pulling 350lb sled behind him.

Throughout the read, struck by the gear he used, specifically the clothing he wore to keep the temperatures at bay, I couldn’t shake this thought.

It’s all about insulation. Mr. O’Brady protected himself from the harsh, human crushing elements; he kept the onslaught at bay one clothing layer AT A TIME.

He relied on trapping his body heat and weatherproofing.
It was a life-sustaining one-tow punch. He didn’t count on outside sources of heat; he brought his own, safeguarding what he naturally had, sheltering himself from the full impact of mother nature.

What is a significant takeaway for me from his record-setting adventure?
Thick Skin is the perfect asset.

Most of the ills we suffer from, collectively and personally, stem for overconsumption.  We fall victim to philosophical frostbite from the whipped gales of public opinion. Our natural heat siphoned off by the windchill conditions bombarding us.

Or maybe like a boat taking on way too much water in a storm, we allow the excess opinions of others to swamp our minds. Deluged by these dimwits (you know just who I’m speaking of), sometimes it’s way too easy to surrender, to slip below the surface, and be overcome by their stupidity.

The Philosopher John Paul Sartre suggested that “Freedom is what we do with what is done to us.”

That Freedom is never more appropriately exercised than when we “Flood and Fahrenheit Proof” our philosophy with a healthy and natural dose of Thick Skin.

It’s possible!

We can indeed fortify and bolster ourselves against the torrent of Brittle Brains atop Balsawood spines. It’s one of the main benefits to MortalUP™.

Why be triggered by some avalanche of insult?
Why let any of them under your skin?
Why surrender your heart’s heat?

Why Fuel the Fire of Hate Speech?

Does Humanity have a shortcoming?

One need look no further than the pernicious problem of Thin Skin, or as I like to call it, perforated personas.

Growing up, we learned a little ditty; that “sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.”

Today, many believe words have a piercing quality, right up there with clubs and rocks, every utterance a projectile, so be offended, triggered, mortified by the another’s words. They need a bubble from any blurb, timid souls scared to death by simple rhetoric, as misguided as it may be.

A malignant, toxic sensitivity has left many with a self-esteem shot full of holes, a self-image vulnerable to being strangled by the grapevine, so many timid souls ready to lock horns at the slightest provocation. Slander and defamation slide in through the open doors and windows of our minds.

We seem to forget our role in being offended. Rubber stamping another’s rhetoric, greenlighting their vile drool, giving their insanity two thumbs up and the ratification they so desperately require.

To be verbally victimized, you must invite the insult to take up residence. To be outraged, You’ve allowed the Toxic words of another to drop anchor in your mind. Don’t blame the sender, blame your weak self-image. YOU are neither safe or sound. Blindly attempting to stay out of harm’s way, you have immeasurably injured yourself.

Another’s words are always neutral until you choose to endorse them.
You endorse a contract to make it binding, endorse a check before you can cash it. Try sending in your unsigned tax forms to the government.

Are you adopting HURLED WORDS as some hidden truth t
Are you standing by, passively letting innuendo, well…


Her’s a thought. Don’t want to be exposed to hate speech.
Don’t be exposed to hate speech.
Don’t want to be bullied by the words of another, don’t buy into their craziness.

Curbing another’s speech, in ANY format, is an admission of a childish and weak self-image. If you only feel safe dictating the sayings of others, you will never find the shelter you so desperately crave. Allowing yourself to be dominated by the words of another, it’s on you. Cry “foul” all you want. The felony is yours; You need to look no further for the culprit.

In the end, you are either a fortress or a fool.

Fear and Other Fairytales

The ultimate solvent for the Human Spine?


Hi, It’s Brian. Welcome to your Ready to Remember, blog, and blurb for today.

Most fears, not all, but most are forged in a fairytale. Like “CRYING WOLF” before you see footprints, hear snarling, feel the breath. I think it was Mark Twain that created the acronym; FEAR is “False Expectations Feeling Real.”

How often do you buy into a cock and bull story when it comes to your personal bravery and backbone?

What tall tale of impending grief and woe do you tell yourself?

Suppose, just for reflection today, your fears are fabricated pieces of fiction, crafted not by a lack of courage but by a comfort zone that threatens you, you better not to rock the boat?

What if challenges to your wherewithal, guts and grit are nothing short of little white lies, dreamed up because it’s easier to sit on the couch? Why sell yourself so short?

Identity Politics Paving the Highway to Hell

What is the greatest threat to Human survival?
Pandemic?  Meteorite?  World War?  Famine?  Natural disasters?

All straight up answers.

But the BIG ONE, the greatest threat to Humanity is the constant attempt to divide us, to pit us against each other…
Why, because if they can fractionate us, split us in two, quarter us like a side of beef, they win control. If they can separate us, slice us up, way easier to rein us in, break us down enslave us.

Race-baiters, class-baiters, sex-baiters, political party-baiters, their dog-whistles are the surely the Sirens call, and if we allow them free-range, our days are certainly numbered. Identity politics is the quickest way to steal our children’s future.

The “TRUE” pulpit pounding, chest puffing BLANK-ists painting nearly everyone else in an attempt to malign and marginalize them, walking bullhorns of BS, inciting unrest wherever they go.

The grotesquely malignant maneuvers of these verbal arsonists, well…we tolerate these dearth’s of intellect, at our own risk.

Today, like many listening I suppose, I too have an UNWAVERING faith in Human Reason, of those cutting-edge cognitions fighting the division at every turn!
Truly brilliant human minds that see our commonality, not our contrasts, as the ONLY way forward into an uncertain tomorrow.

The Societal “Corpus Callosum” that can bridge our disparities, connect our divergent spheres of thought, and work at EVERY turn counter those trying to bring us down?

Human Reason.. The ultimate gift of the Divine, however you define it!

In the Arthurian legend of the Holy Grail, the chalice was constructed and transported to Earth by the middle angels, those that that refused to be baited, those taking the middle path.

There’s got to be a tea-leaves to interpret from that myth.


An infection more contagious and deadly than Coronavirus? You bet there is!

There is a virus, more deadly, and infinitely more infectious than the Coronavirus.
Unfortunately, we don’t need to worry about traveling to China, it’s already made it to our shores and is the clinical definition of “spreading faster than wildfire” and gaining a foothold within our systems.

Untold billions of lives cut short by its deadly, microscopic venom.

The COERCION virus multiplies and spreads whenever we tap out, giving in to intimidation, manipulation, any tactic that threatens force with the sole purpose of getting us to comply!

It’s the go-to move of the bully.

Now it’s way easy to point to the government, society, certain religions and philosophies, our peers, any form of outside pressure, but truth of the matter, you and I do it to ourselves.

Inward coercion, Inward bullying is the most toxic form.
How do you browbeat, bully, and badger yourself?
What strong-arm-tactics do you use?
How specifically do you menace your very own mirror?

When we grow all too familiar with the process of beating ourselves up, deliberately vandalizing the very best parts of ourselves, allowing “authorities” of any ilk, to cover our self-respect in contagious graffiti, it’s all a beachhead for our invaders.
We weaken our defenses and legitimize outside forces joining the smackdown. We replace our surgical masks with white flags. The virus takes over, our days are numbered.

There is, however, and time tested, proven inoculation…

It’s time to get off our own backs and MortalUP™

Bubble Wrap, Safe Spaces and Perforated Personas

I woke this morning (after a pretty vivid dream, we’ll come back to that in a minute) but for now, I got up thinking about atrophy; when…be it from injury or inactivity, a muscle or a body part starts to slide into mush. How’s that for a medical definition?

My dictionary uses terms like degeneration, the pathology of wasting away, decline from disuse. You get the picture.

Like a broken leg that’s been in a cast for 4 months.

Now, the ancient origin of the word in Latin means “not fed”…isn’t that interesting?

Not fed. Huh.

Atrophy is the downfall, the deterioration that comes from some part of you doesn’t get the proper nutrition, it’s not fed struggle, not fed adversity from which to rise to the challenge, not fed a bumpy road.

It’s a physiological and a psychological phenomenon. GAME SET MATCH! Use it or lose it works for muscle and mind.

I heard an interview with Van Jones, the political commentator on CNN and he was discussing Safe spaces on college campuses and the troubles of the triggered temperaments among us, and the dangers of ideological safety. At one point he said to the crowd, “I’m not going to pave your jungle for you” and I thought This guy knows how to wield a METAPHOR… “pave your jungle” He nailed it! Hats off to you Brother!

In my dream I saw a huge banner stretched across an indoor, temperature controlled track at a local university. IN red, block letters the words

Tough Times are your best mirror.

A smaller sign read Enter Here for the 100-meter-high hurdles. As thousands of people waited in line to get on to the oval 440 running surface, I couldn’t help but notice that the hurdles had been removed, the cinder track replaced by a treadmill and everyone was getting a medal, a teddy bear and a cup of hot chocolate at the finish line.

No backbreaking effort, just brainwashed into believing they were competing. The “jungle had been paved.”


As cliché as it is, Struggle really is the best teacher, our obstacles are our oracles…

Safety makes us weak and dulls your edge.

So, what happens to a mind, NOT FED disagreement, NOT FED opposing opinions and the First Amendment, NOT FED clear, articulate argument, NOT FED philosophical hurdles?

Ode to a Bully

If at a height of 6’4” you think you can bulldoze a woman, you can verbally menace her because of your millions in the bank, your fame gives you the right to terrorize her, tell her to “back off before you and your “people” come get” her.

What is wrong with you? Forget I asked. We don’t have the time to go over that list.

But I do have a quick riff…

Impeachment & Acquittal

So, on a day when many national politicians and political pundits should be sent to the naughty chair in the corner of the room, remanded to time-out without ANY desert, the only “IMPEACHMENT” that truly has my attention, is when the individual “prosecutes” himself or herself and remands their unique potential and personal brilliance to a mental prison. For whatever it is worth, I think it’s time for you to acquit yourself, MortalUP™, and Bring Your Own Bold.

Your Inner Royality

Outside all the lessons we learned as little beings growing up in the land of giants, outside the political correctness insanity swirling around us, outside the gender wars of today, men and women, male and female, yin and yang, are constructed in such a way that their inner King or Queen are psychic energies that will ABSOLUTELY have their say, one way or another.

Ignore them at your own risk!
Or you can simply do this…