Do you, your team or your event/audience need a reality check?

As the Creator of MortalUP™ and host of The Brian Brawdy Show, Brian brings a clear, yet thought-provoking message and one simple question.

If you’ve not yet reached the pinnacle of personal happiness and/or personal success, you’ve quite simply forgotten who you are at your core.

Brian despises the “snake oil” of motivation,  inspiration and any other tactics of the Self Help Industrial Complex. “When you remember who, what, where and why you truly are, all the promises of the “higher consciousness cartel” fold like a house of cards.  Your conscious “level” is perfect, you just need a bit of cognitive laundry. Your temperament needs a quick tune up.

All apathy is born out of our personal amnesia. Remember just who you really are and the whole world will sit up and take notice.

Rouse your within, and watch the sparks fly!

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