Attention: Radio Hosts and Podcasters

The MortalUP™ Minute.

StandUP. RampUP. MortalUP™.

The Human Mind is under assault. The pandemic of forgotten potential is spreading at an exponential rate. Never before have we witnessed such a concerted effort to water down Human wherewithal.

The MortalUP™ Minute is our attempt to remind your listeners of EVERYTHING they once were; to prod and poke them to recall who they were before forgetting who they truly are, prior to turning a blind eye, a deaf ear, and their own back on who they were BORN to be.

The MortalUP™ Minute is a reminiscence, a recollection of the authentic Human grit, vigor, and vision unique to the Marrow of the Human Mind.

I’ve been studying Human promise and potential for almost 40 years. As a former NY cop and criminal Investigator, I know a thing or two about searching for clues.

The MortalUP™ Minute is my attempt at demystifying the ultimate in individual possibility.  We’re sharing our findings (via 55-second audio clips) for FREE to any hosts, presenters, and podcasters for seamless inclusion in their shows.

Why? In hopes of recalling the authentic Human capability of their listeners, empowering them to square their shoulders and face the challenge that’s now got us by the throat.

No more Apathy, No more Anxiety. No more Amnesia!

I’m Brian Brawdy reminding you that every time is the perfect time to Bring Your Own Bold and MortalUP™.

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The MortalUP Minute