We haven’t forgotten what freedom feels like.

From our very beginning, Humanity rebelled against the chafing confines of tyrannical rule. Viscerally offended by all types of oppression, it’s in our blood to push back against bullies of every stripe. As is our very nature, we rally our sinew bringing the counterpunch, deciding on Liberty’s Line in the Sand, drawing it with our personal strength, dynamic grit, and sacred honor.

Sadly, now more than ever, near overwhelming forces are aligned to subvert your sovereignty, browbeating your birthrights at an alarming rate and with absolute disrespect and contempt for your self-determination and personal franchise. The bureaucratic behemoth and legislative leviathan of Big Government, the despicable and secretive tactics of Big Tech, the low-down and truly contemptible underhandedness of Big Business,  the incarceration brought about by Corporate special interests are the real collusions requiring our immediate focus, laser-like clarity, and dogged determination to overcome their coercion and cruelty.

We can no longer apathetically trust these institutions. Full-scale Tyranny is the byproduct of turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to totalitarian schemes of intimidation and captivity, not just for our future, but of the days ahead for our children and grandchildren, our nieces and nephews, our friends and extended families as well.

In fairness, we share a bit of responsibility for our intellectual and physical incarceration. For too long, we’ve trusted the powers that be to have our backs, to represent our best interests, to be our public servants. We’ve brought the childhood cliché of “for your own good” into adulthood, where the power-hungry are all too happy and ready to hijack its original intent, taking our good-natured civility and turning it into a call for civil war. The time for our adolescent amnesia is over!

At The MortalUP™ Alliance, we’re honored to fight the battle for Human Freedom every day. Our mission and obligation are to defend authentic Human potency, battling any attempts to water-down individual wherewithal. We’re proud to stand in the way of anyone (or anything) standing in the way of you.

You have a compelling vision of your future; it deserves a commanding voice, one ready to rise in defense of all you hold dear. The MortalUP™ Alliance is that bodyguard, that backstop to the despotic abuse of power and authority threatening our way of life.

When we remember who we are, no uphill is insurmountable. When we recall and dispatch our natural resources, no foe is too formidable. When we MortalUP™, individually and collectively, no attempts to malign and marginalize us can ultimately succeed.

Thank you for your interest in

The MortalUP™ Alliance.

We haven’t forgotten what Freedom feels like!