In all aspects of Life, you have to be a little crazy to cross the finish line in first place. A twinge of insanity allows one to stare down the chaos at hand and wrangle away the precious insights the live just inside the swirling fog. Comfortably, immaturely relying on the lens of “commonsense” to defend against the vagaries of life will lead to disappointment, as well it should.

Now, the very best of creative, cutting-edge minds know just how and where to attack, to wrestle with the puzzle of the emergent and end the encounter victorious. Uncertainty isn’t to be ignored or avoided but passionately embraced. Confronting, commanding and ultimately conquering chaos (and it’s sidekick creativity) is all about attitude, acuity and agility. It’s not guesswork but grit-work that always gets the job won and done.

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